What is a second layer of protection

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What is a second layer of protection. A second layer is something else you can carry or use along with whatever you are using for Self Defense, may it be Pepper spray, Mace, Yawara Stick, Pocket Stick, Stun Gun or Kubaton. The Sharp Shooter Self Defense KeyChain is the best choice you can have for a second layer for Personal Protection and Security. With the Sharp Shooter, there are no batteries that need to be recharged like a Stun Gun ,no buying another can like Pepper Spray or Mace. You buy the Sharp Shooter and you never need to worry about not being able to protect you when you need protection. What other Self Defense Device do you know of that can protect you against multiple attackers, like the Sharp Shooter not many. The amazing thing about the Sharp Shooter is that it’s stealth. No one knows what you have in your hands a Self Defense Device that has the power to stop an attacker in their tracks fast. Weather it is in short range or long range you have the power to defend yourself. Giving you the time to flee and seek help. Remember that only you can protect yourself, the police are not going to be there for you when you are being robbed, rapped or mugged. For the first time everyone has something that is legal to have and carry with no permits or license needed. It is a Self Defense KeyChain that when you are trained by Grand Master Moran. You become a Self Defense fighting machine. If you are a trained Martial Artist you will come to respect and understand just how effective the Sharp Shooter is and come to realize what a valuable tool, it will be in your training of Self Defense in your schools and Dojo’s. Everyone knows that Self Defense is being taken away all over the world your right to Self Defense are being stripped away. The criminals have more rights than you. This is outrageous in America and England they are taken away your right to Self Defense and Defending Your Self. They want you dead this is just my opinion, you do the research yourself you will be shocked. That is why you need a Sharp Shooter Self Defense KeyChain. It is your second layer of Self Defense in your arsenal of Self Defense Devices..OSU

Grand Master Moran


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